Neuropsychiatric PCD Franchise Company in Kolkata

Neuropsychiatric PCD Franchise Company in Kolkata: As our life gets stressful, it puts a great impact on our brain, which leads to issues like anxiety, depression, stress etcetera. People are looking for better treatment for these issues and different neuro problems. It further leads to the rapid increase in the demand for top-quality neuropsychiatric drug ranges. Emocare, the leading pharma company provides the best range of neuro products through the Neuropsychiatric PCD Franchise in India. The company is enhancing its presence in different parts of the country and now the franchise offer is available for Kolkata too.

Neuropsychiatric PCD Franchise Company in Kolkata

Emocare is a well-known name in the pharma industry that specializes in providing various kinds of pharma products in different ranges. We are working to make people mentally strong and fit. With this ambition, we are now starting the best Neuropsychiatry PCD franchise in Kolkata. We welcome all the dedicated and passionate people who want to gain experience in neuropsychiatry and earn a sound income by starting their neuro business in Kolkata.


Kolkata, the main capital of West Bengal, has a high population. It is a proven fact that Kolkata has a wide scope in any business as several industries came to the city and well-established and succeeded. We have some facts that prove that these days most metropolitan or highly populated cities need Neuropsychiatry PCD Franchise. In India, mental health is a major concern. Many people face a different type of Neuro issues, like:

  • Eating disorders
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Dementia
  • Psychotic Disorder
  • Mood disorder

These issues are most common in India. People have symptoms related to these issues. It is proclaimed that India has most of the neuro problems that are faced by people due to different reasons.


Emocare is constantly emphasizing making the products effective. For that our experts are working hard and actively in the unit. All our products are FSSAI and DGCI approved and get quality checked by the drug inspectors at each step of production. The top quality of the products is our main priority. As it represents us in the market and builds customers’ trust in us.  We deal in a wide range of Neuro products including:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-allergic
  • Anti-biotic
  • Anti-convulsant
  • Anti-migraine
  • Anti-Epileptic
  • Anti-depressants
  • Anti-addiction
  • Neuropathic range
  • General medicine range
  • Dry syrups


Emocare is a well-known pharma company that always provides the best quality drug range. We are an ISO-certified company that understands the need of people and provide drugs to keep them healthy.  We believe in transparency while dealing with the customers. Several customers come to us because of our transparent nature. Along with this, our company has many more features like:

  • We manufacture the products as per the guidelines laid by GMP and WHO.
  • Our staff is well experienced and deep knowledge about all the formulations.
  • The manufacturing units are well-equipped with hi-tech machinery which gives effective perfection to the products.
  • Our wide range of products doesn’t let the customer go anywhere else. They can trust us easily with the quality and effectiveness.
  • The advanced exhausters in the unit are capable of keeping the work area vented and protected from unnecessary dust particles.


Emocare is doing its best in order to satisfy the clients in each way which is our main priority. The company provides benefits with services to their clients to keep them happy and comfortable. Furthermore, bonuses are similar to relaxing tools that help the client’s business work smoothly. Thus, Emocare provides various types of benefits that are fruitful and make the dealings better.

Some major benefits about the company are:

  • We provide exclusive monopoly-based business franchises. It helps in reducing the competition and clients can rule the market by becoming the single distributor of the best quality products.
  • Emocare provides the brand labeled notepad, chemist billing book, MR bags, pen sets, etc, just to advertise the company and increase sales.
  • Customer support representatives are always ready to help the clients whenever they need their support or to resolve any of the doubts.
  • The complete product range by Emocare is available at an affordable price.
  • Our staff I completely punctual. The logistic department is very strict to dispatch and transport the product at the decided time.

Hence, you know Emocare is the best company to have your PCD Neuropsychiatric Pharma Franchise. Now that the franchise services are available in Kolkata too, associate with us and get the best possible deals on the pharma products and the franchise business.

Contact Information:

Name: Emocare
Address: Regd. off. : A-401, Empire Business Hub, Science City Road, Ahmedabad-380060
Call us: 91- 9719839944