Naproxen 500 mg with Domperidone 10 mg


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Naproxen 500 mg with Domperidone 10 mg -NAPRI-D, The medication Napri-D, which is intended to treat and prevent migraines, combines the two medications naproxen and dolopridone. Naproxen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine (NSAID) that reduces pain from migraines by preventing the production of specific chemical messengers. A prokinetic drug called domperidone affects the part of the brain that regulates migraine-related vomiting. Additionally, it makes the stomach and intestines move more, which facilitates easier passage of food through the stomach.

Uses of Naproxen and Domperidone Tablet

Naproxen and Domperidone Tablets suppress the molecules that generate pain perception and also stop the impulses that induce migraine-related nausea and vomiting. It can assist you in getting through your daily tasks and improving your quality of life by preventing and decreasing the frequency of migraine headaches.


Before using the medicine, you should tell your doctor if you have any other illnesses or disorders. It may also affect, or be affected by, some other medicines you are using so let your doctor know all the other medicines you are taking. It should be used with caution in patients who are alcoholics or have liver or kidney disease. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult their doctors first before using the medicine.


It is possible to order naproxen and domperidone tablets separately or in conjunction with another drug. Taking it with or without food is acceptable. Depending on the severity of your ailment and how well it relieves your symptoms, the dosage and duration will vary. Use it consistently and don’t stop using it until your doctor advises you it’s okay to.

Naproxen and Domperidone Tablet’s Side Effects

A few frequent adverse effects of the medication include indigestion, dry mouth, and symptoms similar to the flu. Inform your doctor if you encounter any adverse effects of this nature that persist or worsen. Your doctor might provide ideas for avoiding or lessening the symptoms. Generally speaking, you should aim to utilise the least amount required to manage your symptoms.

Naproxen and Domperidone Manufacturer and Supplier

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