Propranolol (40mg) + Flunarizine (10mg) Tablets




Propranolol + Flunarizine Tablet

The composition of ZYNOFF-P TAB is Propranolol (40mg) + Flunarizine (10mg). Propranolol + Flunarizine tablets help to prevent migraines. This medication is not used for the treatment of acute migraine attacks. The medicine helps to improve the flow of blood in the brain and prevents the abnormal activity of muscles that trigger migraines. This medicine is very effective in preventing migraine attacks, however, it does not treat an attack that has already started. By preventing and decreasing the incidence of migraine attacks, the medicine can help you carry out your daily movements and improve your quality of life.

Usages of Propranolol (40mg) + Flunarizine (10mg)

Propranolol (40mg) + Flunarizine (10mg) should be taken on an empty stomach or before a meal. However, the patient should try to take a fixed time regularly. The dose you take depends on what you are taking it for. The medicines should be taken as long as it is prescribed by the doctor. Propranolol + Flunarizine Tablet will work with good habits like avoiding stress, not smoking, and processed food items.

Side Effects of Propranolol (40mg) + Flunarizine (10mg)

There are a few side effects of this medication including weight gain, slow heart rate, tiredness, depression, drowsiness, and cold extremities. Some common side effects of Propranolol + Flunarizine Tablet are:- 

  • Weight gain
  • Slow heart rate
  • Tiredness
  • Depression
  • Drowsiness
  • Abnormal dreams
  • Cold extremities


  • Avoid consumption of Alcohol while taking Propranolol + Flunarizine medication as it may cause some side effects such as dizziness and drowsiness.
  • This medication should be consumed under the doctor’s supervision during pregnancy time as its consumption is decided by your doctor. 
  • Breastfeeding mothers should consult with the doctor about the risks and benefits of this medication before consuming it.
  • Usage of this medication may cause drowsiness while driving or operating any machine. Take rest for some time after taking this medication if you feel such kind of symptoms. 
  • Patients having any disease related to the liver must consult a doctor as this medication can cause some serious side effects after some time.
  • It is advisable for patients having kidney failure or any disease related to the kidney should take this medication under the supervision of the doctor or health specialist. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How does Propranolol + Flunarizine work?
Propranolol + Flunarizine is a combination of two drugs: Propranolol and Flunarizine that is used to treat migraine by decreasing the level of the blood flow to the brain and inhibits cortical spreading depression, electrical activity in the brain that causes inflammation and pain.

Does the usage of Propranolol + Flunarizine increase weight?
The continuous usage of Propranolol + Flunarizine may sometimes increase your weight. It is always advised to maintain a well-balanced, healthy diet and exercise regularly during the consumption of this medication. 

Are there any specific contraindications while consuming Propranolol + Flunarizine?
Please consult your doctor before consuming this medication if you have a medical history related to asthma, slow heart rate, abnormal heart rhythms, heart conditions like AV (Atrioventricular) block or sick sinus syndrome, depression, and Parkinson’s.

What is the duration and dosage of Propranolol + Flunarizine?
The dosage and duration of this medication are determined by your health specialist or doctor depending upon the requirement and medical condition of your body.