Desvenlafaxine 50mg + Clonazepam 0.5mg Tablet




Desvenlafaxine + Clonazepam Tablet – Emofexine Plus -50 Tablet is a member of the class of drugs known as “antidepressants.” It is primarily used to treat depression. Depression is a frequent mood condition that is characterized by emotions of sadness, loss, or rage and has a detrimental impact on a person’s day-to-day functioning. Symptoms of depression can range from mild to severe and include sadness, suicidal thoughts, loss of interest, weight loss or gain unrelated to diets, trouble sleeping, fatigue, and feelings of shame or worthlessness.

It consists of the two medications desvenlafaxine and clonazepam. Gamma-amino-butyric acid (GABA), a relaxing molecule, is increased in your brain as clonazepam (a benzodiazepine) takes effect. Desvenlafaxine (selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, or SNRIs) functions by raising the concentrations of the neurotransmitters serotonin and noradrenaline in the brain, which support mental balance. Both of them work together to improve mood and combat sadness.

Uses of Desvenlafaxine + Clonazepam Tablet

The Desvenlafaxine + clonazepam tablet helps in sustaining the equilibrium of specific brain chemicals that influence mood and behaviour. You feel happier, less stressed and anxious, sleep better and have more energy as a result. The medication helps you feel less agitated and prevents abrupt swings in mood. There is a chance that your bouts of depression and melancholy will lessen.

This medication can take several weeks to start working, and during that period, you can still feel depressed. You will probably take this medication for at least six months, if not much longer. For it to be effective, it must be taken frequently. Without your doctor’s permission, do not stop taking it.

Desvenlafaxine + Clonazepam Tablet Side Effects

Desvenlafaxine + Clonazepam is a very much safe-to-use tablet and is known to show quick results. If in case you feel any side effects arising or persisting for long, stop taking the medicine and get in touch with your doctor. Some common side effects of Desvenlafaxine + Clonazepam tablet are:

  • Uncoordinated body movements
  • Insomnia (difficulty in sleeping)
  • Depression 
  • Constipation
  • Confusion
  • Tiredness
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Memory impairment
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Ejaculation disorder
  • Low sexual desire


  • If you are allergic to any of the components in Desvenlafaxine + Clonazepam, avoid taking it.
  • If you take painkillers, antipsychotics, anti-hypertensive, or anti-depressants, let your doctor know beforehand.
  • Patients should use Desvenlafaxine + Clonazepam with caution if they have blood disorders, diabetes, heart disease, lung illness, or liver disease.
  • If you have a history of seizures, bipolar illness, suicide attempts, or schizophrenia, consult your doctor.
  • As it promotes suicidal tendencies in this demographic, it is not advised to use it in children and adolescents under the age of 18.
  • Take Desvenlafaxine + Clonazepam solely on a doctor’s prescription, as it is habit-forming.
  • If, while taking this medicine, you have suicidal thoughts about harming or killing yourself, call your doctor right away.
  • If not prescribed, do not use Desvenlafaxine + Clonazepam if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Do not drive until you are attentive since clonazepam and Desvenlafaxine can make you feel groggy and queasy. Drinking alcohol while taking Desvenlafaxine + Clonazepam may make you feel more sleepy and dizzy.
  • Please refrain from suddenly terminating the treatment as this may result in withdrawal symptoms.

Dosage and Storage

  • Take it in the exact amount as prescribed by your doctor. 
  • Make sure to not miss the dosage and in case you forget to take medicine, have it as soon as you remember.
  • Keep the bottle away from the reach of children and away from direct contact with sunlight. 

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